I’m Megan and I live in Decatur, GA (an awesome ‘hood in Atlanta) with my best friend of a husband, my precious baby boy, and our two rescue pups.  I grew up in New Jersey & Maryland and ended up in Georgia in high school.  After living in the peach state for well over a decade, I now consider myself a true Atlantan.


I have blogged in the past but on more concentrated topics.  I have many interests  and I plan on sharing my journeys as I explore them.  I have always had a lover for home decor, beauty regimens, fashion..etc.  But now that I’m mother I have become even more domestic.  Lately, I love sewing (especially baby goods) & cooking delicious meals for little guy.

Anyway, I am a wanna-be expert on a lot of things – fashion, cooking, sewing, gardening, beauty, design & decor, and so on.  I can’t just focus my energy on one of these interests.  So instead I rather dabble in lots of things and therefore here is your disclaimer:  I do not claim to be an expert on any of these topics.   In fact, I’m a complete newbie at several of them.  I simply like what I like and if you do too, then great!





P.S. I link to other blogs, restaurants and products so readers can find out more info.  I also believe in giving credit where credit is due!  Please let me know if you ever see something that should have been linked a different way.  Or if you prefer that I don’t link to your specific site, let me know.


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