What’s one more social media addiction?

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My interest in the world wide web began the second I had access at a ripe age of I don’t even remember…some time in elementary school.  When we had prodigy on our big ass computer.  What did I even do online then?  I remember how exciting it was to get e-mail a few years later though.  My own juno account!  If only there were a way to find those old emails…  From there came AOL instant messenger which I clearly spent too much time on.  It was the first thing my parents threatened to revoke access to when I was being a bratty teen my usual self.  I even developed websites back in middle school of God only knows what.  I’m sure there are other triumphant milestones in my www career that I’m missing but nothing blew my mind like Facebook did.  I heard about it from a friend who had access to it and I was obsessed.  This was back when you couldn’t get on Facebook unless your college was signed up for it.  My tiny little school was definitely not on the top of the list so I would sign in through my friend’s account and again…what did I do back then?  I think at that point everyone basically had a profile and that was it.  Maaaaybe you could write on people’s walls then and have photos but that was about the extent of it.  I was completely captivated by it though.  Sadly, FB just doesn’t do it for me these days.  Yea I still check it daily but almost like it’s something I sorta have to do…like check e-mail and voicemails.  So I have since tried to find other exciting outlets on the www to keep me entertained.  I mean it doesn’t seem to take much people.  Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…I got ’em all.  But I need MORE!

All that enthralling history brings me to this fresh newborn of a blog.  I have tried to blog in the past in relation to my work and that just bored me.  This is supposed to be a distraction from work and therefore shouldn’t have anything to do with work.  I have tried blogging about cooking but it wasn’t a huge passion of mine at the time and therefore the blog was not either.  Well I hope I have it now… an idea for a blog that I am passionate about – a blog about anything.  Or everything.  Whatever really.  Life, Fashion, Food, DIY, Beauty, Travel, Garden, Decor, Love, Thoughts, Anything, Everything.

Life is to be lived and you should look damn good while living it.  I hope this blog turns out damn good too.  And if not, it will end up in the land of juno e-mails and middle school websites and I will talk about it years down the road when I am jumping in my computer screen to take day trips to foreign lands.

Cheers to the birth of yet another online distraction!




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